Jonas Isacsson

“Music has always been a natural part of my life. My Grandfather played the Harmonium pump organ and the violin. My parents had a record collection in various styles including Jazz and early Rock’n Roll, Bill Haley’s “Rock Around The Clock” made a big impression, especially the guitar solo.

Joined The Bears in 1969, playing cover versions of popular songs. Had learned to play the guitar with the help of my brother Mikael but also copying other players from records.

In 1972 a Stereo tape recorder was purchased in the family. By learning Les Paul’s old recording technique “sound on sound” or multitrack-recording, I started to make up my own songs. Sent one of the tunes to the Swedish Radio, they played it and that got me a gig as the guitarist in the band Marathon.

Went from band to band, stayed the longest with Horizont, we recorded two albums which did ok. Our singer Tommy Nilsson is now a successful performer in Sweden. After Horizont broke up I decided to become a freelance musician, got a lot of work, playing many different musical styles with different artists. Also worked as a producer on a couple of albums. Became a permanent member with Eva Dahlgren´s band and Hansson de Wolfe United.

During this time in 1986 I did recording sessions with Roxette who had a hit song playing on the radio at the time, “Neverending Love”. The sessions were for their first album “Pearls Of Passion” which was released later the same year. I stayed with Roxette until 2010, did my last gig with them at the wedding concert for Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel.

It’s difficult to describe all the stuff that happened during those 24 years I worked with Roxette. All the songs we recorded that went on top of the charts, all the travels around the world, all the live concerts in arenas, all the people we met, 75 million records sold, it was surrealistic. I am glad that I experienced all that and happy that so many fans around the world still appreciate my guitar work on those songs.

Nowadays I’ve been focusing on getting better at composing and recording. For me it’s still the biggest kick when a piece of music you have in your head comes out as you wanted it to be heard.

However, enjoying the touring with Hansson de Wolfe, Steve Gibbons and a few others I feel more creative making my own music at home in Ice Axe Studio.

When Ulf Lindström contacted me about making music for his Arctic Life project, I already had a couple of tunes which were inspired by the nature of the island of Seskarö up in the northern archipelago. Seskarö is the place where my family comes from. The base to where I always return to. Anyway, the music I had made fitted perfectly with the Arctic Life film sequences that Ulf had sent me. And this is where I am now.”

Jonas Isacsson